Genesis 1:26-31 – ADaM – A Further Consideration

Let’s take another look at the name ADaM from the perspective of the letter-numbers. First, the schema translated as Let us make man in our own image, after our likeness, has the following sense, according to Suares in The Cipher of Genesis:  “From the living process of Aleph in its cosmic body-container springs forth a factual life upsetting the mechanical repetitions of nature (where every pattern is a fixed prototype)…Whereas Eretz is thus enclosed in its natural repetitive process, Adam’s blood is open to every transfiguration.”

In addition to the idea of a state of being that is in contact with the powers of the Universe (“in their image”), and in whom every possibility is latent, we see that this power is creative in the sense of the power to break patterns and produce new ones, rather then simply to repeat pre-existing patterns of nature. This clearly implies choice and the power of will, which in turn implies the idea of self-consciousness. It is this self-consciousness that distinguishes the Adamic state of being from the previous kingdoms of creation, which we can call Nature.

This means that ADaM is Aleph in a creative state, not just a pro-creative one, such that ADaM has the potential to radiate cosmic energy, producing a counter-emanation or outlfowing to that now being created from the pleroma of the Divine Source through the Elohim power complex. This potential is the foundation for the ability of the Adamic state of being to shape its reality according to its state of self-consciousness and power of choice. This self-consciousness and power of choice sets the real foundation for the Adamic state, namely that of mind and consciousness, one that is above nature, and yet contains nature within it in the form of the mineral, vegetative and animal powers, forces and energies, though for harmony they must be subordinated to the Mind.

The schema for man (Adam) is Aleph (1), Dallet (4), Mem (40 or 600). The fact that Mem final can be 40 (i.e., resistance) and can leap to 600 (i.e.,cosmic fertility) indicates the vast range of possibilities in man. The true vocation of mankind is this transfiguration of 40 into 600. The text goes on to say that Adam can be considered as a living shadow, or image, of the Elohim: given the potential of greater power or resistance than any other being, he can become the receptacle of the greatest intensity of life on this planet…(Suares, Cipher of Genesis).

As earlier noted, ADaM is a state of being that consists of a polarity mirroring the polarity of the very source of the universe, and put into play by the Elohim power complex. This polarity is one between the externalising, active and radiating forces and the internalising, receptive and shaping forces, or between the forces masculine and the forces feminine in nature. It is a dynamic polarity such that the one cannot exist except in perpetual dance with the other within each particular manifestation of ADaM. These opposite, yet polarically identical powers form a function that in its deepest sense we can term Life.

The man (7.20.200) is constantly being upset by and upsetting history, driven unconsciously by his inner 7 towards an ideal cosmic 200; whereas the woman ( is forever reshaping the 50 and 100 with the aim of safeguarding the home (2.5). (Cipher of Genesis)

Given the power of the Adamic state to disrupt the order of natural creation, the key to harmony lies with the proper development and use of the feminine side of this power. Initially this power is sleeping in the form of its lesser state (final Mem of ADM as 40), but must find its expression in its higher state (final Mem as 600). This is the universal story of Sleeping Beauty, of the fallen eternal feminine element (in Greek, Sophia) and the descent of the masculine element (the Logos in Greek) to rescue his consort. This is the theme of the bridegroom and the bride throughout the Bible and culminating in the Gospel, the great and eternal romance within each particular Adamic state of being to find harmony and fulfillment, the marriage of true minds that cannot be wrent asunder,  so that the power of ADaM to alter the order of the cosmos is creative and not destructive.

In order that Aleph should be born into human society, the passive female side of Adam, obviously, must transform itself and rise above the female “containing element” (the body). Until this has happened, the activity of the male will only be chaotic agitation. The theme of the necessary transformation of the feminine is very important in the Bible…Esha, Hhevah, Sarah, Rebecca and Rachel, etc.,…up to Mary, mother of Jesus. All these are symbolical personifications of what women must learn to become….

The Bible, from beginning to end, in every instance where the transformation of women is stated and taught, will never be truly understood until the transformation has become a reality alive and active in humanity…(Cipher of Genesis)